Years of research has culminated in the development of a new procedure by which teeth can be moved approximately four times faster than ever before possible with conventional orthodontics.

As a result, the treatment time for most orthodontic cases can be reduced from several years to several months. This procedure is possible for most patients, regardless of age, as long as their permanent teeth are present. Wilckodontics® is a combination of time-tested and proven techniques from the fields of orthodontics and periodontics. It is clinically known as the Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM (AOOTM) procedure, or Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics, "PAOO". With the Wilckodontic procedure, most orthodontic cases in both adolescents and adults can be completed in 3 to 8 months. This is accomplished by combining efficient orthodontic mechanics and time-tested alveolar decortication and augmentation techniques. The end results are straight teeth, structurally sound supporting structures, and grateful patients. By stimulating and harnessing the innate potentials of living bone, the teeth can be made to move through the bone very rapidly and when the tooth movement is completed the bone around the roots of the teeth will rebuild itself.

Both Dr. Eric Hamrick and Dr. Ryan Voelkert are clinically trained and certified in this modern procedure. They will work closely with your doctor to ensure you receive the best possible results.